Cross-border M&A’s

As part of my M&A cross-border services, I guarantee to provide you with comprehensive assistance of a group of international experts at every stage of the merger processes: at the merger preparation stage, during the merger itself, and at the post-merger stage (PMI) too. We take care to ensure an integrated approach to all the aspects of a cross-border M&A: both those of a typical hard nature, the market and the finance, and those softer ones – strategic and cultural.

What does our cross-border M&A service consist of?

  • Creating a M&A transaction strategy that allows defining precisely the criteria for selecting and identifying the acquisition target,
  • Assessing the potential of the market and of the selected acquisition targets,
  • Due diligence examination,
  • Valuation of the target company,
  • Negotiating and handling of the formal and legal matters.